Meet Hello Alfred, Your $25 Personal Butler

There is definitely an app for everything these days and one of them is making a big splash for what it can do for you in real life. Hello Alfred is an app that connects you with a real live personal butler to take care of all your weekly errands–from grocery shopping and dropping off dry cleaning, to tailoring your new suit pants and sending a package to your mother in Milwaukee. Hello Alfred does all that and even more!

There are plenty of apps that handle personal tasks individually. Download Homejoy to get your house cleaned. Instacart will pick up your groceries and deliver them to your front door. TaskRabbit allows you to post virtually any random errand you can think about and someone will fulfill your request. But Hello Alfred does everything!

For $25 per week, Hello Alfred coordinates all of those features and more on your behalf. Customers are assigned their own home manager, also called an Alfred, and those managers take care of the work that is request, in part by using some of the services mentioned above.

Like a true butler, they use your credit card and have the keys to your home in hand, so you don’t need to be present while the magic is happening. Need your groceries put away? Alfred will make sure the milk is not left out. Need to send your spouse a gift? Alfred will select a florist and choose the best bouquet. Have a leaking toilet? Alfred will review, hire a plumber and make sure the job is done right. All of these tasks are done on one day a week, every week, with no burden or thought from you.

In this new age of all things tech, Hello Alfred pushes the envelope to a completely new level. Considering in many cases you would never see your ‘Alfred,’ using Hello Alfred may come to be the most important “invisible” thing in your life.

After launching in September 2014, the company behind Hello Alfred has raised over $12 million dollars in capital and plans to scale to other large metropolitan (hopefully including the Atlanta area) in the next 12 months.

Upside to Hello Alfred

  • • Varying price levels, starting as low as $15/week, make the butler service accessible to most
  • • Errands can be as specific and personal as you want
  • • Keys are kept in a secure safe each night and are checked in and out
  • • The longer you use the service, the more your Alfred can tailor to your needs and even anticipate them

Downside to Hello Alfred

  • • The Hello Alfred app is currently only available to iPhone users.
  • • The full-service app is currently available only in Boston and New York.
  • • The per month fee may be steep compared with other app-based convenience services
  • • You have to let someone else have access to your home and credit card