Holiday Gift Guide: For Families 4

There are times when buying a family gift makes much more sense than trying to figure out what each member wants individually. Perhaps its your sister and brother-in-law with eight kids, a cousins’s family you aren’t sure how to impress, or you’re simply running out of time, money or inclination to buy gifts for everyone in one household. Whatever the case, a family gift is a great solution!

These gifts can work for just about every family and let them know you are thinking of them during the holidays, yet probably won’t tax your bank account or time management system too much. Happy holidays to all!

Festive Feast Combo 
from Omaha Steaks

This holiday season, Omaha Steaks is offering a variety of complete meal gift combos that are sure to make everyone in the family happy. Delicious food. Little to no prep. Easy clean-up. It’s the perfect gift!  The Festive Feast Combo includes two legendary Filet Mignons, two Top Sirloins, four boneless pork chops, four Omaha Steaks burgers, eight potatoes au gratin, and four individual New York cheesecakes!  It’s a meal fit for a king (or a whole royal court)! $79.99

Thumbs Up!

The family that plays together, stays together! Instead of giving out a board game that everyone knows (and may or may not like) give them this new one.The goal is to be the first to stack different colored rings on your thumb, based on the order shown on a challenge card. This is not as easy as you think! The challenge cards will require each player to focus on the order of numbers and match their colors. Different variations of play make this a must have party game that is as fun for little ones as it is for the big ones! Ages 6 to adult. $14.99

Just Believe: Stories 
of Inspiration

Just Believe: Stories of Inspiration is a beautifully illustrated paperback book that makes for a charming, yet inexpensive holiday gift. Its themes of curiosity and magic resonate throughout the year. The stories can be shared one at a time and are the perfect short tales for reading out loud to kids of any age. This collection can remind anyone to slow down and look for the inspiration of the season in even the smallest things. Don’t hurry through holidays. Linger in these wonderful days. For under $8, you may want to pick up several copies! $7.99

Big Feet PJs

For a whimsical gift to keep the whole family warm, check out Big Feet PJs. These footed pajamas are as cute as they are crazy comfortable. They are made of 100 percent high-quality, micro-polar fleece and are so durable, they will last for years. Big Feet PJs are available in a variety of unisex sizes from 12M to Adult XL in 6 colors or prints: Red, Navy, Pink, Green Camouflage Pink Camouflage, and Chocolate Brown with Hearts. Want a deal? Enter EXTRA20 at checkout to get 20 percent off your purchase. $17.98 to $44.98

Junior’s Adventures Book Set

The holidays don’t have to be all about spending money. Let them be a time to teach kids about money too. Acclaimed personal finance expert Dave Ramsey recently launched a new children’s book series to teach kids lessons on spending, saving, giving, and integrity. Junior’s Adventures is a set of six stunningly illustrated books that follow Junior and his friends as they navigate through situations that ultimately designed to help them learn much needed financial lessons. The series is designed for kids aged 4 to 8 but could work well even for older kids. $34.99