Home for the Holidays 4

Simple Tips to Get Your Home Holiday Ready

The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s never too early to establish a decorating motif. While style is an evolving thing, there are dozens of ways to embrace modern touches while keeping the things that make the holidays special.

Julia Mattern, owner of Modify Atlanta, stays consistently on top of the hottest trends in decorating and has outfitted her store with an array of modern and classic holiday designs. She welcomed Vinings Lifestyle to her beautiful store and shared some of her sophisticated yet simple holiday tips for your home.

  1. Bring the outside in. From the living room to the dining room, mixing natural items with metal and sparkle brings an entire new dimension to your holiday decorations.  Moss, pinecones, and small fir trees are easy items to incorporate into your centerpiece, sideboard, or buffet table display.  A touch of natural and organic breaks up the solid metallic or sparkle trend and provides interest and depth.
  2. Embrace texture and layering. It’s easy for your guests to cast a cursory glance over your decorations and see all you have to offer.  However, when you incorporate texture and layering to your holiday designs, the eye has a hard time picking up everything at once and will find something new with every new glance.  The mix of organic items and the shimmer of ribbon lends an overall subtle glamour to your home.
  3. Don’t feel trapped by traditional color schemes.“Holiday comes in every color,” says Mattern.  While it is a good idea to pick a color theme that echoes from room to room, there is no rule that says it has to be red and green!  Mattern chose heather greens and tans for her dining room display, while the living room and buffet echoed with soft blues and shiny whites.  If you want to embrace the classic Christmas colors, choose small items and flow those bright reds and greens throughout your home instead of inundating one room with all reds or greens.
  4. Decorate with gifts. If you really want to make a statement, keep the varying textures going with your holiday presents.  While Mattern wrapped some gifts in brown craft paper with glittery blue ribbon, others are covered in metallic blue paper with burlap ribbon.  The colors and textures echo the décor throughout the rest of the house yet bring a colorful pop to the tree area.
  5. Echo your decorating theme in your food. Mattern recommends that you use the food on your buffet thoughtful; the food is a design element in itself.  If your goal is a sage green and white color scheme, incorporate white cookies or cupcakes onto sage colored plates, or serve your salad course in bright white bowls.  Vary the heights on which your food is displayed, using, for instance, upside down planters.  Introduce some subtle sparkle, such as “snow” or small twinkle lights, in addition to natural, organic items, such as a burlap table runner.
  6. Bring personal and sentimental items to the forefront. Holiday décor is not about perfection!  It’s about creating a home that reflects you and your personality.  Bring out the old art projects that your children made – there is always a place for these treasures.  Put your grandmother’s silver to everyday use, or pair vintage ceramic light-up houses with pine cones and sparkly trees as a special holiday centerpiece.

The holidays only come once a year, and dressing your home is an important part of the seasonal experience.  With these tips, your home can be both comfortable and stylish, and your 2015 holiday season may be the best yet!