Diamond Dallas Page, An Unlikely Yoga Guru 5

This ain’t your momma’s yoga.

For more than 10 years, Diamond Dallas Page was one of the most recognizable professional wrestlers in the world. During his time in the World Championship Wrestling, Page became a three-time WCW World Heavyweight Champion, two-time WCW United States Heavyweight Champion, four-time WCW World Tag Team Champion, and won the WCW World Television Championship once, as well as a WCW Triple Crown Champion.

But Page, unlike most professional wrestlers, began his career in his early thirties. Originally a manager, Page quickly gained the support of fans and pro-wrestlers alike, and began official training at the WCW Power Plant in his mid-30s. He was the oldest rookie in the history of pro-wrestling. With his trademark work ethic, determination, and style, Page reached champion status within five years and began a career that would propel him into acting, writing, and motivational speaking. There was nothing he couldn’t do. No one he couldn’t beat. Until it all ended.

After a string of back and neck injuries, Page allowed his wrestling contract to expire in 2002.  He was at a crossroads.

“Because of my injuries, yoga was the only thing I could do,” Page says. “For years, I was the guy who wouldn’t be caught dead doing yoga.  But I noticed a significant difference when I added yoga to my rehab moves.  And I ended up creating the workout by accident.”

The workout he created is DDP Yoga, an enhanced yoga program that focuses on resistance, core strength, cardio, and flexibility.  It is literally for everyone – young, old, injured, obese, or just out of shape – because there is no need for fancy equipment or tools.  Your body is your machine. One of the most desirable things about this program, however, is that minimal stress is placed on your joints. DDP Yoga provides an intense, effective workout without hurting your body in any way. Many professional athletes have adopted DDP Yoga as their main source of exercise, including WWE wrestlers.

Page designed DDP Yoga to be more than just a workout. He built a performance center in Smyrna and developed an app, both of which will provide many resources including live workout videos, cooking demonstrations, workshops, and even recipes.

“I believe in whole, real food.  All the health problems that have appeared during the last 20 years?  The one thing that’s changed is the food,” says Page.

Page wants to educate the people of this community and show them that health isn’t only attained via exercise, but also through putting the best food you can into your body. For instance, many of the DDP Yoga workshops focus on the workout as well as meal prep and eating guidelines. Page believes in clean eating – gluten/wheat/diary free, organic fruits and vegetables, and free range meats.

Where does Page want to take DDP Yoga in the future?

“I want DDP Yoga to be a household name,” Page says.  “I want people to realize that there are so many different kinds of yoga, that it’s not only calm.  I want to change the meaning.”

Diamond Dallas Page has seen his share of ups and downs, but he never, ever gave up. He strives to impart that determination to others, and his passion is obvious. With dozens of success stories already, DDP Yoga is poised to be part of the next fitness revolution.