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The Music Studio at Vinings is Bringing Music to Vinings and Beyond

We’ve all heard the alarming statistics of how government funding has been substantially slashed or removed completely from music programs in many public schools across the country. And, unfortunately, this loss often spreads far beyond a school’s chorus room. found that students who don’t have a music-related extracurricular activity while in school are less likely to have a comparable level of enhanced critical thinking skills and motivation to pursue higher education as children who are actively engaged in a musical outlet.

To combat this statistic, however, The Music Studio at Vinings is successfully providing music-related education to schools, families, and individuals to help to fill the void that the government’s modified funding is leaving behind.

“We are excited to support our local schools with sponsorships and in-school programming,” says The Music Studio at Vinings marketing director, Kristen Sudduth.

“We are rolling out Café Jam as a free program to schools throughout their lunch periods. Our teachers bring in various instruments and offer a sing-a-long, instruments information, and Q&A with students. We have found that students love the music and opportunity to talk with professional musicians, and the schools love the additional enrichment for students during a normally hectic part of their day.”

Aside from its in-school series, this Vinings staple is working to create well-rounded individuals, musically, from birth to adulthood. Thus, from classes for newborns to private instrument-based lessons for elementary school students, The Music Studio at Vinings offers a spectrum of engaging experiences for all seeking a greater connection to music.

Studio Director Cecilia Courtnay Rowe says that by offering lessons seven days a week as well as in-home and in-studio lessons, they have the ability to fit into most schedules. She is pleased to offer lessons in piano, drums, guitar/ukulele, voice, violin, and more to the Atlanta community.

And while The Music Studio at Vinings seems to always be buzzing with activity, this family-owned business has humble roots that date back to 1989 when co-founder Marilyn Courtnay created the business’ vision by offering one service — in-home piano lessons to children. Quickly, Courtnay’s roster of customers increased significantly.

Over the years, it became clear there was a need for additional teachers as well as an opportunity to offer lessons on more instruments, Courtnay and Rowe Corporation was founded in response to customers needs. In 2011, The Music Studio at Vinings opened on South Atlanta Road, providing private music lessons in a studio setting. The business at the studio has grown so quickly in the past four years it has already expanded twice to meet the demand for music education in the area.

Sudduth is excited about the future of The Music Studio. “The phenomenal growth that we have experienced is evidence that the Smyrna/Vinings community recognizes the value of music lessons. The Music Studio at Vinings and Courtnay and Rowe In-Home Music Lessons are built on a tradition of excellence that will carry us into the future.”