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General Jarrard Speaks 
to Smyrna Rotarians

Brigadier General Joe Jarrard, Adjutant General, Commander of the Georgia National Guard, spoke to the Smyrna Rotary Club on Tuesday, January 26, 2016. The Guard is a tremendously important part of Georgia and the United States and rotarians were thrilled to learn more about it from such an esteemed member.

General Jarrard informed attendees about the Georgia National Guard’s 11,000 troops who serve locally and abroad. Of particular interest was the “Georgia to Georgia” collaboration between the state of Georgia and the country of Georgia. Rotarian Jeff Mason commented, “It is always interesting to hear how many different roles the Georgia National Guard is involved in from a local level all the way to a global level.”

Currently all 159 Georgia counties are represented in the Georgia National Guard, including many brave men and women from Cobb County. “The Georgia National Guard is such a vital local resource in Cobb County and for all of Georgia. I appreciate the work that General Jarrard and all of his team are doing for our community,” says Rotary’s Don Parkerson.

Local Consignment Store Using Profits to Sponsor Children is an online only children’s and maternity consignment store based in Smyrna, GA. They provide an affordable, hassle-free and environmentally-friendly approach to buying and selling high-quality products. In addition to the buying and selling they do, they are also a local business that gives back.

Founder, Christy Duncan, believes strongly in creating a greater meaning from her business. “Our driving purpose is to sponsor impoverished children worldwide, giving them access to education, safety and medical attention,” says Duncan. “We use Children International as our sponsorship program and have sponsored one child since our launch in July 2015.”

Josie’s Friends carries children’s apparel, footwear, accessories and handmade goods, maternity, school uniforms and juniors items.  Any items that are not sold are donated to Atlanta Children’s Shelter and the Atlanta Mission.

Duncan lives in Smyrna with her husband, daughter and two step-children. She is focused on having happy customers and consignors so her business can continue to help the needy.

Smyrna Dad Releases 
New Book for Boys

Damon Willis, a Smyrna resident by way of Memphis, TN, recently released his first book, “Son, Listen: Real-world Advice Every Boy Needs to Hear” on his newly established publishing imprint, Three Niños Publishing based in Smyrna. He has managed to balance the demands of his career working with numerous Fortune 500 companies along with his desire to be a present father to his sons and husband to his wife.

Willis dedicated two years to crafting this book which aims to be an easy and enjoyable read for young men of all ages while inspiring, encouraging and guiding them along the way.  This witty pocket resource is designed for boys to discover practical yet invaluable advice for boys of all ages. The book has been received well so far, even holding the title of #1 New Release in Amazon’s Parenting Boys category.

Willis, an accomplished supply chain executive, lives in Smyrna along with his wife Yashira and their 3 sons, Christian, Caleb and Chance. “Son, Listen: Real-world Advice Every Boy Needs to Hear” is available at both online and local bookstores. Learn more at