Letters to Dad 2

In honor of Father’s Day, here are original letters to honor area dads.

Dear Dad,

You are the BEST dad we know! Thank you for doing so much for us. We love it when you take us to school and talk to us about lots of cool things. Thank you for taking us to soccer games and practicing baseball and calmly waking us up each day. Thank you for coming home for family dinner. Thank you for keeping us safe and being a danger ranger. You never stop loving us no matter what we do. You are caring, funny and smart. We want to be like you when we grow up. We love you!

-Sophie & Jack Balzuweit (and Beau too), Smyrna

When I think about fathers day, I think about my husband Dr. Dameon Fisher. I see him day in and day out giving of himself to his patients, to his family, and to our daughter without compromise. He truly represents the epitome of a Morehouse alumnus displaying all the right characteristics of a wonderful father. He is thoughtful, funny, smart, kind, and compassionate.

He loves our daughter to the core of his being  and continues daily to push her to excel to her highest potential. Although her disability is challenging on any given day, he treats her dignity without allowing her to settle for less. I love that he encourages her to reach new heights by exposing her to golf and horseback riding lessons. He encourages her to wish for the moon and stars and never use her disability as a crutch. The bond they share is beautiful beyond words and their synergy  together is infectious.

-Kimberly Fisher, Smyrna

When I decided to spend the rest of my life with Todd McCarthy, I knew I was marrying a man with one of the kindest hearts ever to exist.  He is a man of character, kindness, selflessness, and generosity.  I have only watched each of these qualities grow when he became a father 4 years ago.  As we continue on our path of becoming a family of five (twins are on the way!), I have no doubt that the love he shares with his family will  flourish and he will continue to grow as the man we all love and admire.

-Elizabeth McCarthy, Smyrna

Josh is the best husband and dad because he prefers to be with his family above all else. This desire with his family recently led him to reject a lucrative travel opportunity at work. Josh works in production at CNN, and when asked if he would like to travel for election coverage, he said that if it did not hurt his career, he would prefer to stay home. Good thing he did because this crazy election has dragged on and on, and some of his coworkers have been on the road for close to three months! We’re happy he chose to be at home with us!

-Jennifer Woods, Mableton

My husband has taught me what playing with a team is all about. He helps in every way to make our life beautiful.  From picking up  the living room floor to picking up the  pieces of our life when he sees us crumbling.   From shooting aliens around the house to teaching life lessons with love.  Thank you for showing us unconditional love Rick Baker! I look up to you as a husband, a best friend and Dad.  Our son will always look up to you as his super hero.   We are forever grateful for you.

Happy Father’s Day today and everyday!  Melissa and Payne