The Man Behind the Congressman 3

Meet Congressman 
David Scott

Congressman David Scott is our congressman. He has served a diverse region, which includes Smyrna and Vinings as well as parts of Fayette, Clayton, Henry, Fulton, and Douglas counties, for the last 13 years. He has a strong presence, a firm handshake, and a charming smile that quietly commands attention. He is an old school politician who would rather give out a printed document than send out an email. He is passionate and compassionate and has spent nearly all his life working for the benefit of the people of Georgia.

Congressman David Scott was born on a South Carolina farm in 1945. He spent the formative years of his life soaking up the knowledge of the ages by living with both of his sets of grandparents while his mother and father earned a living as domestic help in the North. It wasn’t until he was 11 years old that he first lived with his parents, in the home of a wealthy Scarsdale, New York businessman, who employed his parents. It was then he became the only African American student in Scarsdale schools. In fact, he was the only African American child in the entire city!

After winning the hearts of his classmates and neighbors in Scarsdale, Congressman Scott moved to Daytona Beach, Fl with his parents where he graduated high school. He later earned a degree in finance from Florida A&M University and a master’s degree in business from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. In 1969, he met and married the love of his life, Alfredia Scott, sister to baseball legend, Hank Aaron. They have two children and two grandchildren.

Having worked in one way or another since he was five years old, Congressman Scott has always been a shrewd manager of resources. He founded an advertising firm focused on outdoor billboards in Atlanta, and soon thereafter took the leap into politics. Scott served in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1974 to 1982 and then in the Georgia State Senate from 1982 to 2002, prior to running for US Congress.

Congressman Scott is quick to give God glory, as he was taught by his parents and grandparents. He looks back on his early years with fondness, despite the inequities of the Jim Crow South and the more subtle racism in the North. He has chosen to honor his past and uses it to speak from experience on everything from lobbying for farmer’s rights before the EPA to fighting for a bill targeting jobs for young African American men. He even led the fight for the Moment of Silence Act, which granted time for reflection or prayer at the start of each school day in the nation’s public schools.

Congressman Scott is a man who is quick to laugh and is generous with his time. When he’s not in session in Washington DC, he shares time between a Jonesboro office and one off Concord Rd. in Smyrna. His steady presence has been an asset to the community and his life story is nothing short of mesmerizing. Congressman Scott truly is a hometown hero.