Be Insta-Fabulous this Summer 6

Try these 7 trends from some of 
Instagram’s most fashionable beauties

Summer is fun, flirty and usually a season to remember. And summer fashion can be the same! Though the temperature will soar, looking cute is always in season. Check out these seven summer trends pulled from the fashion-forward depths of Instagram to be fashion-ready for any occasion this season.

1. Printed Shorts – For those who have been doing squats all winter, it’s time to show off all the hard work. Printed shorts with an eye-catching design paired with a solid shirt combination can’t be ignored. Follow: @labelleetlechic

2. Sweats – Sweats are the new jeans. People are now jazzing up sweats and wearing them all day. Spruce them up with a floral shirt, a blazer or cute leather jacket. This look says the wearer is totally on target with what’s hot these days! Follow: @malinmellowno

3. The White Tee – The beautiful thing about a white t-shirt is that it goes with everything! Pair it with a floral skirt, boyfriend jeans, or a pencil skirt and blazer. Just add a beautiful necklace for a flirty look. Follow: @kirbymorris

4. Slip Dress – This fashion trend is super simple and great for most body types. It can be worn on a hot day in the park walking around the city or running errands, or dress it up with funky jewelry and heels. Follow: @melodyapparel

5. Off the Shoulder – Show off those shoulders! Wearing this trend is giving the people a hint of sexy and a taste of mystery, while still being appropriate. It’s perfect for the sultry summer nights. Follow: @rantiinreview

6. Go Metallic – It’s fun…pure and simple fun. This look is so unexpected it catches attention, in a good way, and keeps it. Follow: @iparhaizeablog

7. All White – Who doesn’t love a summer white outfit? Those all-white parties are now retro and chic again so get ready. Whether it’s a dress or a jumper, an all white outfit always looks classy and chic. Follow: @nomadluxuries