Grooming Got You Down?

Guys of all ages can look put together with these expert tips

From teenage boys going back to school, to young college kids heading off to campus, to men of every age going to the office every day…style matters.Though the August sun is blazing as hot as ever, that doesn’t have to mean fashion has to go out of the window. It may be time to try a new hair cut or perhaps let go of the facial hair. It might even be time to get on board with manscaping too.

To help guys in Smyrna and Vinings look their best, men’s style expert and male image consultant Aaron Marino advises them to keep disciplined grooming habits even if wardrobe choices become more laid back. For more tips on the art of grooming, Marino dishes on how to do this with ease.

Ditch the Back Hair

Back hair is a deal breaker. If men are going to be shirtless, that is one thing they need to make sure is in check. Another trend is that men don’t necessarily need to take all their chest hair away. Though it is a good idea to perhaps just trim the bulk of it down.

To remove back hair, check out an ingenious new product called the Bakblade ($34.95, that lets men shave their own backs. It can even be used dry.

Let Go of the Beard

Last winter, the whole lumbersexual thing was going on. Now, a lot of guys are trimming their beards back to a shorter and more manageable length. While men are trimming things down, they should also focus on their nose hair and eyebrows as well. By the way, eyebrows are plural for a reason. There should be two.

Get a pedicure

Guys need to check their toenails. Summer isn’t over yet, so men need to make sure they don’t have possum feet before pulling out their everyday flip flops. Just go get a pedicure. Yes, men do that.

Opt for Beach Hair

Guys should be a little less polished and primped with their hairstyles this summer. This look goes well with being out and about in the summer sun. Stop worrying about structured hair and think more about having fun in the surf and sand…even in landlocked Smyrna.

Don’t Forget a Skincare Routine

From teens to millenials to men of a certain age, more guys are starting to focus on taking care of their skin. In the beginning, start with a simple moisturizing lotion with a high enough SPF (30 SPF or more). Skin cancer is real and getting a sunburn is definitely not sexy on anyone. Aside from sun protection, men should also be exfoliating any part that they manscape. Exfoliate after shaving and during every shower. The goal is to make sure hairs are able to break through close to the surface of the skin. If not, red itchy bumps are going to be the result.

Men need to identify what well-groomed means to them because that term can mean different things to different people. Then, create a routine and stick to it. When one sticks to a routine, it is a lot easier to maintain a well-groomed appearance year round.

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