No place like home.

It’s a cliche for a reason: there really is no place like home. The home my family and I live in now has seen first steps, happy reunions with friends and family, and many loud, joyous parties. It has survived the Terrible Twos times four, some home improvement projects that didn’t quite improve anything, as well as the time someone overflowed the bathtub. (Not good!) Our home is filled with too much stuff and some may say too many people, but it works for us…for now any way!

This month at Vinings Lifestyle, we are focusing on ways to make our abodes a little less humble. Check out the stories on how to incorporate kids’ spaces into your square footage, find out how much house you can get in Smyrna for the money, and get advice from the experts on how to spruce up your kitchen and bath. We hope this issue gives you some tips and tricks to make the place you call home even better.

It is important to remember a house is not necessarily a home though. While the walls which surround us and the roof that covers us may technically be our house, it is the people who share that space and the love living within it which really makes it a home.

Until next month, I will see you running (slowly) on the Silver Comet Trail or checking out a class at Life Time Athletic – Atlanta.

In My Bag

This month I have two new home technology items in my bag. The Samsung SmartThings Arrival Sensor ($29.99, can be attached to a child’s backpack or a pet’s leash and will notify the owner of exits and entrances via a smartphone app. The Sonos Play 1 wiressless speaker ($199, lets you stream any music you want into any room in your home with superb clarity.