Expert Help to Create a Holiday Ready Home 7

Entertaining guests this holiday season? Looking to create new holiday traditions with the family? Dreaming of hiring an interior designer to create a Vinings version of a winter wonderland? Rhonda E. Peterson of Rhonda Peterson and Associates, LLC ( can help. Here are her expert ideas for creating a holiday ready home.

My children (11 and 16) still enjoy decorating the family tree in our family room. It has all of the ornaments that we’ve purchased over the years, as well as ornaments they’ve made. Each year everyone, including my husband, has to make an ornament that goes onto the family tree. Its a trip down memory lane that we all enjoy no matter who is visiting.

Another way to get everyone involved is to have a fun task for everyone.  My daughter has to have music playing, so she is in charge of the music playlist. My husband calls himself a “creator” not a chef, so he gets to prepare a special snack for us while we’re decorating.

What are some simple design tips often overlooked?

Treat the inside of your front door the same as outside. If you usually hang a wreath outside; hang one inside. If you usually have flowers, urns, or other outdoor decor framing your front door, think of ways to bring that into your entryway.

Wreath’s come in all sizes, so use them throughout your home. My children place them on their bedroom doors, decorated with what they choose. I have an open frame above my bed that gets a wreath during the holidays. Placing wreaths in front of interior windows and mirrors is also a great way to make an impact.

  1. Add candles everywhere or grouped on a mirrored tray.
  2. Tie back draperies with a beautiful ribbon. You can also use ribbon tied on chairs with greenery 
or ornaments.
  3. Tie flatware together with a thin piece of velvet ribbon.This works well for a sit down dinner or buffet.
  4. Use small whimsical ornaments as napkin holders or place card holders.
  5. Use fresh flowers wherever you can. Think of using flowers along with seasonal fruit to create beautiful tablescapes.