A Peek Inside a Local Woman's Purse

The Essentials for Every Purse


  1. 1a (1): a small bag for money (2): a receptacle (as a pocketbook) for carrying money and often other small objects 
b: a receptacle (as a pouch) shaped like a purse


Satchel Small Stewardess in Cheetah, $399, ShopSatchel.com

Handmade in Savannah, Georgia, Satchel makes purses that ooze luxuriousness. We picked the small bag and it still had plenty of room not only to carry your essentials but have room for extra items.

The Passport Wallet, $55, WhippingPost.com

Every woman needs something to look forward to. That’s why the Whipping Posts Passport Wallet is the perfect wallet for your bag. It’s a reminder that you can go anywhere and do anything, you just might need a ticket to get there. Beautiful leather and monogramming available.

Wooden Sunglasses McCall Wood, $90, IWantProof.com

Two things every woman needs are sunglasses and lipstick! If you don’t have time to get ready before leaving the house, these two combos can save any lady. But, not just any old glasses will do. The McCall wooden sunglasses are the latest fashion accessory. Wood is good!

Red Apple Lipstick in Color Rebel, $23.50, RedAppleLipstick.com

Lipsticks—and probably more than one—can be found in your purse! But, why not have lipsticks that are gluten-, paraben-, and toxin-free in fabulous colors?

Page Notebooks, $14.95 for two, TheWalArt.com

They say writing down your goals actually helps you achieve them. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a fun notebook on hand whenever you have a creative thought to pen down.

Itty Bitty Positivity Book, $8.65, IttyBittyBookCo.com

The Itty Bitty Positivity Book pretty much speaks for itself! These micro mini books are handmade in Ireland and fit in your purse to uplift you and keep you feeling amazing throughout the day.

SoulKu bracelet, $28, SoulKu.com

Shopping and purses go hand in hand. So we included a bracelet by SoulKu. SoulKu jewelry is handcrafted by stay-at-home moms in Asheville, North Caroline. The one we choose: Be your own here super mom bracelet with opaline, rosewood and hematite.

Like a Glove Smart Leggings, $125, LikeAGlove.me

Like a Glove Smart leggings measure your size and an app discovers the best brands for your size.

Atlanta Food & Wine Festival tickets, prices vary, ATLFoodAndWineFestival.com

Great tickets are something every woman needs! The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival is June 1-4.

Prada Candy Lotion, Prada.com

Smelling good often leads to feeling good. Key notes of this fragrance are white musk, benzoin and caramel accord.