May 2017 Around Town 1

Longtime Preschool Teachers Retiring

When Smyrna First United Methodist Preschool starts in the fall of 2017, they will be missing two of Smyrna’s finest, Dale Clark and Debbie Pledger. They are retiring from the school after a total of 65 years between them. Clark has taught at the school for 35 years and Pledger for 30 years.

Clark has taught two-, three- and four-year classes, many years teaching two classes for a total of over 1,000 children. Clark’s children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren have attended the school. Pledger taught in the 5K class her first year and then moved to a 4K class where she has remained for the past 29 years, seeing almost 500 children come through her classroom.

Both ladies have even taught the children of some of their former students!  The “grown-ups” have loved having their children be in the class with the teacher they remember and love.

They both agree their greatest reward is the hugs and the “I love you” cards and smiles they receive daily. The ABCs and 1-2-3s they have taught the children is a bonus.

They are both native to Smyrna. Clark plans to remain in Smyrna and Pledger is relocating to Florida.

Campbell High School Awards National Merit Scholars

Congratulations to Campbell’s 2017 National Merit Scholars—Ben Kilpatrick, Benjamin Davidson, Michael Peng and Karan Pol. Congratulations to Writing Fair winners Rhea Varma, 9th grade; Chandler Stevens, 10th grade; and Zoe Chadwick, 12th grade. They will represent Campbell at the county-level competition.

Atlanta Zoo Opens Treetop Trail

As they traverse the course, visitors will have new reasons to appreciate the amazing natural skills of tree-dwelling animals such as orangutans, binturongs, milky eagle owls and green tree pythons. Future updates to the experience will include themes that promote the education of the lifestyles and adaptations of arboreal wildlife.