Traveling Style 4

It’s time to start thinking about all the wonderful trips that you will be embarking on this summer. Are you going to hop a plane to your favorite destination or pile the family into the car? Will you go on several weekend trips or one long fabulous holiday? Most importantly, what items are essential to ensure a stylish, comfortable and fun journey?

Flight vs. Road Trip

If you are traveling alone or as a couple sometimes jumping aboard a plane and then renting a car can be both cost-effective and convenient. However, road trips can be fun for everyone. You can pack the car with everything you need and veer off on mini-adventures.

You can never go wrong when packing a wrinkle-free lightweight multi-use scarf. The right scarf can transform into a shawl, poncho or beach cover-up. For long plane rides, it’s the perfect way to stay warm and comfy.

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Weekend vs. Week-long

Your job can determine if you will take long weekends or go for a one or even two-week vacation. Often the responsibilities of work won’t allow you to disconnect completely and your time off could become interrupted by conference calls and emails. If that’s the case, dive into some refreshing long weekend trips.

Whatever your reason for traveling, fun is most likely at the top of the list. What could be better than a bag that doubles as a wine carrier? One smart designer has created a bag with a top half roomy enough to fit all your travel essentials and a bottom compartment outfitted for your favorite wine.

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Shoes are a Big Deal

The never-ending dilemma of travel is which shoes to bring. You need a pair for walking and hiking, sandals for the pool and heels for fancy dinners. It can be overwhelming.

A company called Shooz figured out a way to help. They have skins and soles that zip together, essentially covering several bases with one shoe. This item is a space-saving delight. For more information, visit

It’s so great to lose yourself for a few days while on vacation. Keep it simple, stay comfy and have some fun by checking out these essential travel items.