How to Upgrade Your Husband's Wardrobe Without Him Knowing It 3

Five Tips From Daily Simplicities

Tired of the same depressing wardrobe that he wears day in and day out? Looking for any way to make him dress as the hero you already see him as? Well ladies, fear no more because when it comes to menswear Daily Simplicities is the go-to blog to help you upgrade your man’s closet.

Daily Simplicities was founded by Joseph Hines and Eric Harrison, longtime friends and both recent graduates of Georgia Southern University. During college, they both participated in the Pathways to Success Mentorship Program, which exposed them to younger men dressing professionally. This sparked their interest in menswear and later led to them meeting their mentor, Jason Locust, who possessed over a decade of experience working in the fashion industry. Their mentor’s expert advice led to them working in popular brand menswear stores, later accumulating over four years of experience working in men’s apparel and custom clothing. Their expert knowledge in the field eventually sparked their initiative to create a menswear blog.

“Menswear really is a craft, and it’s an art to it, so we both just fell in love with it, and it developed into a passion, and then we started Daily Simplicities, and the rest is history,” Hines says.

Now ladies, beware, these two gentlemen don’t hold back when it comes to their advice. If they think something is trash, they are going to tell you.

“Most guys that do what we’re doing are a lot older than us and can’t really relate to the current generation,” Harrison says.

“And even though menswear is timeless, there are always little shifts [in trends] that happen, and it is easier when you have somebody who is present within those shifts to give updated advice,” Hines says.

The duo has received a lot of attention and now hold a three-week class where they teach kids about how to dress, called “Cloth Talk.” They also plan to publish lookbooks, which will teach people how to get an exact look while providing price points.

These new initiatives are the result of their work evolving over time, which brings us here. Toss out those rags your husband calls clothes and read these five easy tips from the founders themselves.

Your husband probably has an array of sports coats and suits lined up in his closet for work, but nothing that screams date night attire, and he probably shies away from dressing stylish and sexy. Here are some tips from Daily Simplicities:

1. Jacket with patch pockets (blends, half-lined or unconstructed for the summer)

The first subtle upgrade to any man’s wardrobe is getting him a new sports coat, and not just any sports coat but one with patch pockets made by clothiers like Suit Supply. Try for something that has blends of wool, silk and linen or an unconstructed or half-lined make. This helps guys stay cool during the warmer months. Q Clothier is a great place to customize a garment handmade just for his body type. Go for a blue sports coat. Blue is the easiest color to pair with existing items, and the goal here is to get him to actually wear it!

2. Watches with leather bands

Linked watches are nice, but an easy addition to most men’s wardrobe is simply getting them a timeless brown leather banded watch. A few brands Daily Simplicities recommends not only for look and quality are Skagen, Thomas Earnshaw and IWC.

3. Selvedge jeans 
dark wash Levis

Selvedge refers to the narrow, tightly woven band on both edges of the denim fabric. A selvedge end prevents the edge of the denim from unraveling and shows a clean, finished look. Selvedge denim jeans such as J Brand or Joe’s Jeans are great additions to any man’s wardrobe. Darker wash jeans look nice with a sports coat, but also the darker wash gives the jeans a more casual/date night look.

4. Double or single monk-strap shoes

Monk straps have made a huge resurgence over the past couple of years, and they are great for pairing with those selvedge denim jeans. They can be worked with or without socks and are a nice way to complete any look. Allen Edmonds or even Johnston and Murphy are great places to look for a solid pair of monk straps.

5. Pocket squares

The use of pocket squares is truly a lost art form. Daily Simplicities highly suggests starting with a white linen pocket square with a colored trim, then purchasing a few pocket squares with a little color and “pop” to them. Q clothier, Suit Supply and Neiman Marcus have a great selection to help spruce up a look.