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Benefits of the Consignment Movement

Our feelings on consignment seem to be a mixed bag, and rightfully so. Some of us have had dreadful experiences, have felt like it is too much work or are oozing with excitement over the savings. The good news is that consignment has been evolving for years. There has been a rise in online consignment options that will benefit every lifestyle, budget and even our planet, so there really isn’t a reason not to join the consignment movement.

Recycle: As a consignor, you are recycling your clothing and extending the life of your products. Buying consignment reduces your carbon footprint and reduces the amount of pollution from agriculture and production. Finding ways to add consignment into every wardrobe will decrease the amount of textiles ending up in landfills.

Save money: Buying consignment allows you to save up to 90 percent off retail prices. You will find designer products, name-brand fashions and high-quality items that fit your budget and your style.

Make money: Becoming a consignor allows you the opportunity to make some money back and recycle your unwanted treasures. Finding a consignment option that fits your needs is important to being a successful consignor.

Give back: When you shop with, you are providing children with an education, medical attention and clean water, ultimately giving them the opportunity to lead a successful life and the chance to end the poverty cycle for their family. Josie’s Friends sponsors impoverished children worldwide through Children International.

Shop Online: allows you to shop and consign online only which will save you time and money. You can buy quality, name-brand products for up to 90 percent off retail anytime. Shop with ease with their return policy and $5.99 flat rate shipping. Consignors receive up to 60 percent of the sale price when the item sells. You can request unaccepted items back, or you can have them donated to Atlanta Children’s Shelter or Atlanta Mission.

Consignment is fun, fashionable and smart! You will always need to buy clothes and get rid of clothes. You might as well enjoy an easy, hassle-free way of doing it while saving money, making money, giving back and being environmentally friendly.