It’s a New Year and Time to Put a New Spin on Your Workout! 5

Three Fitness Trends to Try in 2018

It’s always exciting when the holidays are behind us, and January comes around with a sense of purpose and all the excitement of a new year. This is traditionally the time when many people start something new. Quite often, goals are set to become a healthier, more fit version of yourself. Lucky for you, Smyrna and Vinings are all up to speed with experts and venues offering you all the latest fitness techniques.


Cycle Élan by Asson Michel 

4585 S. Cobb Drive SE, #600, Smyrna


The art of indoor cycling and the concept of spinning started in the mid-’80s, but over the last decade, it has piqued the curiosity of fitness enthusiasts nationwide. The cultlike culture of spinning enthusiasts has grown exponentially, and the sport now beckons to clients with dim or strobe lighting, toned instructors and sleek modern cycles. The extreme cardio workout builds a healthy heart, and the calories burned build lean muscle definition.

In Smyrna, Asson Michel will take you on an exhilarating ride. This boutique cycling and yoga studio just celebrated its one-year anniversary, and Smyrna residents are smitten. The company operates on three basic principles: are we raising the bar, will our clients feel better after the session, and have we done everything possible to ensure our clients have the best possible experience? 

If you are a beginner, no worries. You can start with their 30-minute easy ride class. They teach you proper form, posture and breathing techniques to help build up your stamina and endurance. 

They raise the bar by always looking for new ideas and concepts.

“One of our most popular classes right is the Cycle & Tone class. We give you a hardcore 30-minute ride followed up by 30 minutes of body toning. This is a perfect way to get in that gym-type workout with your trainer as well as your cardio on the bike,” Ann Ruff, Cycle Elan sales and customer experience manager, says. “Another thing that’s popular with our clients is Yoga & Bellini Saturdays. Customers are led through an amazing restorative yoga session then get rewarded with a delicious Bellini at the end.”


Pure Barre by Maggie Tarver

4300 Paces Ferry Road SE, #476, Vinings


The elongated, toned limbs and grace of the ballet dancer have long embodied the vision of perfection. A ballet barre is a significant tool for the dancer and the beginnings of an innovative fitness concept called Pure Barre. Pure Barre promises to lengthen and tone your body while cultivating increased flexibility and balance. The “barre physique” is accomplished through the combination of a ballet barre, Pilates, yoga and music. The marketing of graceful beauty has attracted a largely female audience who prefer sleek muscles to bulk.

Owner Maggie Tarver will dance you through the movement from beginner to ballerina goddess at her Pure Barre studio. This cozy studio gives you a full-body workout in less than an hour. You will get warmed up pretty quickly with planks and pushups, then move on to your thighs and finish up with some intense abdominal exercises.

“Every class is different and driven by the power of music—pushing clients through that final 10 count every time,” Maggie says.

The “secret sauce” of Pure Barre is the community.

“It’s easy to make friends in the class,” she says. “Workout buddies will hold you accountable for showing up to class.”

Beginners, don’t be shy! 

“We offer a ‘breaking down the barre’ workshop once a month that covers the basics of the program,” Maggie says. “Additionally, newbies can come early to class, and we’ll offer them a brief pre-class orientation.”

To promote the community atmosphere, Maggie plans a range of events including theme days and a class on Hermi’s Bridge once a year. Comments you may hear after a workout are, “I feel great,” “That was a doozy,” and “I’m going to feel that tomorrow.”


Fit Family by Robert Dothard

1675 Cumberland Parkway SE, #413, Smyrna


Be prepared to have a personal relationship with your personal trainer. This type of training holds you accountable to your mission. Initial meetings with your trainer will outline goals and commitments including time and nutrition guidelines. Through a series of one-on-one sessions, the personal trainer can assess your strengths and your weaknesses and ease you along the journey to your goals. Most trainers have a wealth of experience in fitness and are chock-full of great ideas on how to help you to reach your personal best. Robert Dothard in Smyrna could be the right choice to propel you towards your fitness goals.

If you are ready to get serious about your workout, then an excellent place to start is at Fit Family studio with Robert as your personal trainer. He was your Wake up Workout celebrity trainer for five years on Channel 11 and also the coach for “Atlanta’s Biggest Loser” for the 2008-09 season.

After owning a franchise for several years, Robert opened his Fit Family studio in Smyrna 11 years ago.

“The entire family is brought in once a need is established,” Robert says. “For example, mom comes in to tone up and lose weight, and after seeing her success, the husband comes in to get in better shape for activities like golf or tennis. Now, we are trusted with the kids because many are only getting limited training with their sports and activities.”

Robert starts out with a new client with a clear message.

“Barring disease, if an individual starts to exercise on a regular basis, and as part of a structured program, and better dietary habits, their health will always improve,” he says.

Robert loves creating a program for beginners as he gets to watch the progression and see the transformation of an entire family.

There is no time like today to choose a fitness style customized to your passion. Love every minute of becoming your best version of yourself.