Paul Powers is Balancing Entrepreneurship and Family Life

Powers Electrical Solutions’ President is All About Family, Friends and Personal Growth—Core Values that Drive Him Personally and Professionally.

Starting out

Growing up in south Georgia, Paul Powers had a firsthand view of the life of a hardworking business owner and family man. Paul’s father was a serial entrepreneur and engaged Paul in the process of launching and operating successful businesses.

Whether it was building pool tables or learning about printing plates, Paul’s involvement in his father’s endeavors allowed him a unique opportunity to observe leadership in action.

“My work ethic is strongly influenced by my father,” Paul says. “He set a good example of how to lead and showed loyalty to employees.”

Paul’s father also taught him a thing or two about what’s important in life. It’s what drives his inherent passion for entrepreneurship, but also his desire for balance and the importance of family.

“We are in a service business, and we can’t leave people without power or stranded in an emergency situation,” he says. “Sometimes we need to work late, but you have to also create balance and take care of yourself and your family.”

Family Life

Paul lives in Smyrna with his wife, Allison, their two young boys and one spoiled cattle dog. As a child, Paul was involved with the Boy Scouts and eventually achieved Eagle Scout rank, which sparked his love for hiking and backpacking. He looks forward to enjoying these activities with his boys as they get older, but for now, the kids already exhibit their love for the outdoors, just like their dad.

“When we get home, sometimes it’s 30 minutes before we get into the house,” Paul says. “They love to explore nature and help in the garden.”

The Powers family loves the small community feel of Smyrna, and when date night calls, Paul and Allison scoot off to Maru Sushi or Porch Light for some local flavor. 


Paul is passionate about giving back to his community and finds great value in helping others achieve their personal best. As a member of the Rotary Club of Smyrna, Paul has had the opportunity to teach various skills including goal setting and networking to adults who are obtaining their GED.

Paul has also served as a church councilman at his congregation for four years and is active with the Business Networking International Cumberland Chapter and the Smyrna Business Association.


Paul founded Powers Electrical Solutions in 2011. As the president, his mission is to provide the best electrical service and the highest level of expertise while providing good value to his customers. The value systems that he lives by in his personal life have been transferred to his business; professionalism, honesty and integrity are the core principles of Powers Electrical Solutions.

Paul takes great pride in retaining quality employees and taking care of his team.

“I’d rather have loyal employees that are in it for the long haul,” he says. “I want them to also have a balance to spend time with their families and friends just as I do with mine.”

"I try to be balanced. The kids are young and they are changing quickly. You just miss so much if you aren’t there.” —Paul Powers, president of Powers Electrical Solutions