Winner of Best Engagement Story

Hand in hand, we soared over the beach as the helicopter banked left. I gazed down and squinted to read the words I saw lightly etched into the sand. 
With blurry eyes and a quivering lip, the words fumbled from my mouth. “Does ... does that say my name?”


Walking through the entrance to iFly is akin to walking into a time machine. You will get a sense that you just stepped into the future or perhaps stumbled upon a space station. After your check-in, which is a breeze featuring the most up-to-date technology, you proceed to get your flight suit.


Nestled in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains, and just four short hours away, Asheville is the city for a perfect romantic weekend getaway. Indulge at Shoji Retreats, the Japanese inspired sanctuary, offering private hot tubs that overlook the city of Asheville all while immersing yourself in the beauty of the mountains. It’s simply, the best of both worlds. Hold hands…

WellStar To Open New Vinings Health Park

WellStar is midway through construction on a Vinings healthcare facility that will bring much needed medical care to the Vinings, Smyrna and South Cobb community. Bringing high-quality outpatient services close to home, the facility is expected to open its doors September 2017.

6 Essentials for a Super Summer

As the editor of Vinings Lifestyle Magazine and a writer and blogger in my own right (, companies often send me products to review with hopes I like the products and tell others about them. Some products miss the mark. Others are nice but not notable. And then there are the ones that are fantastic, standing out in sometimes astonishingly…