Let Them Eat Cake 4

Come to the new candy land in town…LolliBop Sweetshop!

LolliBop Sweetshop (lollibopsweetshop.com) is Vinings newest dessert haven. It’s the place where you can have your peach cobbler as a shake, feast on melt-in-your-mouth chocolate chunk cookies, and inhale strawberry cupcakes bursting with layers of fresh strawberry buttercream. Lollibop’s understands selling sweets is about the experience of how the dessert makes you feel, how it smells, and the layers of flavors as you taste it.

Open since October, LolliBop Sweetshop is the one stop shop for all things sweet including cookies, ice cream, milk shakes, every candy imaginable and their specialty, shortcakes, which is their more indulgent version of a cupcake.

LolliBop will have you singing, “ I want candy” the moment you enter their bright and colorful shop. And candy is just the beginning! Get ready for an eye-closing, OMG moment when you taste LolliBop’s freshly baked goodies. Their signature item, shortcakes, is a unique take on a cupcake. Try the Atomic Stack, a mix of chocolate and vanilla cake topped with fresh banana cream and strawberry buttercream. It’s so indulgent you have to eat it with a fork!

Vinings Lifestyle popped in to learn more about LolliBop Sweetshop and meet the sweet owner, Jennifer Grayer. Over a “meal”of mega-sized cookies,  a variety of shortcakes and a peach cobbler milkshake infused with fresh baked peach cobber and buttercream icing, we learned all about this delightful addition to the neighborhood.

VL: LolliBop is much more than a 
cupcake shop. How did it all start?

JG: After working in the finance world for 15 years, I decided to take the leap and follow my dream of opening a cupcake shop. I have dreamt of owning a bakery for so long and it’s finally my time! When I thought about what goodies to offer I had to expand the scope of the shop to include candy and frozen treats along with the baked goods.

VL: Your fresh baked goods are packed with layers of flavor. Are you inspired by family recipes?

JG: I use old fashioned recipes to create desserts with a creative new spin. For example, my shortcakes are made with real butter and buttermilk just like grandma used to make, but instead of using one cake flavor, I may stack a chocolate cake with a strawberry cake and top it with a banana buttercream for an exciting twist. I bake everyday so the smell of cookies and cakes is always in the air.

VL: What can customers expect from LolliBop this year?

JG: We are adding hot desserts to the menu: praline pecan bread pudding, caramel apple crumble, banana pudding and peach cobble!. Be on the lookout this month for red velvet white truffle cookies for Valentines’s Day.  We also offer birthday party packages and the shop is now available for small private events.

LolliBop Sweetshop is located at 2355 Cumberland Pkwy in the same shopping plaza as Marlow’s Tavern.